Your guide to phlebotomy training

There is much more to phlebotomy besides the drawing of blood. Phlebotomy is pretty much based off of two things and those would be your skills and the art of the study. Handling the patients’ issues is something that is quite important to get right when it comes to phlebotomy. Performing procedures and the well being of the patient are both very important. In the process of getting your phlebotomy certification you will become more educated on different circumstances and procedures that you will come across.

It is important to take your phlebotomy courses with a school or training institution that is big and well known in the industry so that it will be easy for you to get your career going once you graduate. A really good and highly popular organization for you to take into consideration would be the American Society of Clinical Pathologists. The standards that are required by this institute are the same education standards that any other well-structured institute will also have.

Although there is lots of uniformity within the various topics to be taken, you will only learn theses in a rotation-like structure. The older method of learning phlebotomy is probably the best method yet, which is seeing something, doing it, and then mastering it. You can read a text book, with photos in it, but is that really going to get you the experience that you need to be successful in the course? No. You can only go so far when reading it; you have to be able to have hands-on training, which is true about basically any course that you plan to take.

With that being said, you will need to have experience and practice on your classmates, as well as have experience and training in a hospital with a patient. .

In order to deal with your patients on a day to day basis, you will also need to have the proper skills when communicating with people. Perhaps you will be walking in during the morning hours, taking collections from patience. In this case you will need to know how to communicate with a patient that is possibly sleeping, or in a sleepy mood. You will be trained on this, so do not worry. There are phlebotomy courses that actually take the time to help students learn more about dealing with patients when the time comes. People skills are always very important in this field, so keep that in mind.

How long does phlebotomy training takes?

You just might be someone who is wondering how long phlebotomy technician training takes. Well to start, phlebotomy is known to be one of the easiest medical field courses that a person can take. The education part is not all that difficult, but perhaps getting on the road to getting your career started is what would be the most challenging. Just so you’ll have a better idea though it can take you a little less than two years to train for this field. This certainly is not the case with many other healthcare fields which can take 4+ years before a student graduates.

So first, you need to focus on getting your certification which requires that you attend an institute of your choice. Will get lots of hands on training, and you will learn how to operate procedures that will require that you draw blood from your patients. It is required that you have your high school diploma or GED in order to take this course. When it comes time for you to choose the right technical or vocational school, keep in mind that you can also choose online phlebotomy training. This online option is one that would be great for stay-at-home Moms to take advantage of, or for people who hold part time jobs. If you want to earn your associates degree then you can expect to be in training for about two years. If you attend a vocational school or a technical school then you can finish the course in as little as 6-8 months.

Full time courses of phlebotomy will require that you study:

  • Anatomy
  • Biology
  • Physiology
  • Lab classes

When doing these subjects for the course you should be able to finish rather quickly. If you plan to earn your associates degree then you will need 60 hour credits for this to be possible.

What is National Phlebotomy Certification?

In order to receive a phlebotomy certificate you first must go through the proper phlebotomy training. To have a better understanding of what phlebotomy is, it is the study of making incisions with needles into the veins. It is much like venipuncture. Venipuncture and phlebotomy both involve collecting samples of blood which is a practice that even took place during the ancient times. A phlebotomist is known to be a person that practices phlebotomy. If you want to become a phlebotomist you will need to have the proper training so that you can receive your phlebotomy certification.

Anywhere that you might decide to work, that deals with drawing blood will usually require that you have a phlebotomy certification. So you want a decent job in this field then you need to make sure that you take classes for it.

Phlebotomy is practiced for the most part by nurses and other medical staff. You have to be an expert at the field before you start performing these types of procedures on patients on a regular basis. There are plenty of organizations that offer the opportunity for you to get the experience necessary for this study. Some of these institutes include:

  • American Society for Clinical Pathology
  • National Phlebotomy Association
  • American Phlebotomy Association

There are also others besides the ones that are mentioned above. How long it will take you to train for this course varies depending upon where you live and the requirements of the particular institute that you choose to attend. Usually you’d be looking at about 3 weeks to 6 months of training time for the program.

Your social skills are something else that will be important when it comes to dealing with patients in the phlebotomy field. You have to be able to deal with all different types of people and adapt to their personalities or their personal needs. This is something that would be considered a great challenge. The reason being is because there are some patients that can causes you to feel uncomfortable when you are taking their blood. However, getting trained on social skills can give you more confidence when you are dealing with all types of people.

Some key components that you will focus on in your phlebotomy course include:

  • Learning the locations of various veins
  • Practicing arterial puncturing
  • Various puncture points
  • Preparing to execute a proper puncture on a patient.

There are also some other requirements that you should look into before you can take the course.

Free Phlebotomy Technician Training

Phlebotomy is a profession that seems to attract people from all walks of life who are looking for careers to better themselves. It is a decent stable job that pays well enough for a person to live a comfortable lifestyle and being able to take care of their family. Although it isn’t necessary for a person to have a certification to take on a phlebotomy job, it is certainly recommended and allows a person to have a higher chance at landing a career title. Either way, phlebotomy technician training is something that is definitely needed if you want to improve your chances at getting a better job in the field. Free phlebotomy training is a possibility for those that might not have the correct funds to pay a full tuition. As you read on you will learn more about how it can be possible for you to take a free phlebotomy class.

One thing that you should keep in mind though is that you will reap great advantages if you can find a way to pay for a quality phlebotomy course. All prices are different depending upon which school you are looking to attend but it is quite possible to find one that you can afford.

So to move along, if you are still interested in taking a phlebotomy course for free, then you might consider visiting the unemployment office. The unemployment office will generally tend to have various vocational courses that people can look at and choose whether or not they want to take them. Phlebotomy training just so happens to be one of the course options on the list. The only way that you will be able to take advantage of taking a free phlebotomy course is if you are unemployed. The majority of the training programs are actually really good although they are free. Some of them are actually up to par with the paid schools.

If you are not unemployed then you might be able to still get a free course by checking in with a local nursing home. Sometimes they will sponsor students by helping them get an education in phlebotomy, but in return they usually require that the student works for their nursing home for their training courses. Of course after completing the class, there is a higher chance that the student will be able to get a good job later on. Keep in mind that although free phlebotomy courses are up to par with paid classes your employment options are most likely to be limited.

Top Phlebotomy Training Schools in the US

If you want to be a phlebotomist then you should expect your main job to be extracting blood from your patients. In this case you will need to look into phlebotomy schools that you can attend. Some other things that you might do are extract blood from the patients and inject fluids into the veins of the patients. There are many different types of medical clinics and businesses that you could have the opportunity of working at. In order to take on this type of career you must first have a phlebotomy technician certification. The school that you go too will also determine the level of training you receive. You will want to attend a school that has a great reputation so that it will be easy for you to get a job later on after you have graduated.

There are several phlebotomy schools in the US that you can choose from so that you can get the proper phlebotomy technician training and move on to start making a living with this career. Some of the schools below are amongst the many that you can choose from.

CDM Institute

The school has campuses in a select few states throughout the U.S. including Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. There are lots to learn at this school, hands-on-training, small classes, and flexible schedules to take advantage of. You can choose from day, night, and weekend schedules.

Kaplan Career Institute

These schools are spread widely across the country with more options than just phlebotomy as your career to choose from. The instructions are of the most updated high technology in the field and this school is considered a top pick out of the others in the U.S.

Miller Motte Technical School

At this school you will have the opportunity to earn 3 different degrees:

  • Associates
  • Bachelors
  • Masters

You will have lots of lab work assigned and there will also be a lot of hands-on-training.

Regency Phlebotomy Institute

Phlebotomy is the main focus at this vocational school where you will learn a lot to get the degree that you long for. You will study a lot in the class room with plenty of lab work assignments and hands on training.

Sanford Brown

This school is another quality school and it continues to innovate with the current standards of phlebotomy which in return makes it easier for the graduate to find a job later. The guidelines was designed by real healthcare professionals.